Endura2010 67X200cm-GREY FINE LINE

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Outdoor UV resistant high quality 80x300cm Fine Linen Mix 909

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Would you like to know why the Endura is known as the water world carpet? There are many reasons: Endura carpets are made from durable, tufted PVC and are resistant to seawater and chlorinated water. For that reason Endura offers maximum comfort and safety in watery environments

The Endura range meets high quality standards for UV resistance, colour retention and abrasion resistance and offers resistance to chlorinated water and seawater. This makes Endura an ideal ‘water world’ carpet.

Versatile product

The contemporary look and feel of the Endura range makes it incredibly versatile. This modernity is enhanced by the decorative structure of the tufted PVC. Endura is frequently used for outdoor applications, due to its remarkable properties. But it needn’t be confined to outdoor use! Endura is a luxury carpet, well suited to heavy commercial use, and offers excellent colour retention.

It is also suitable for projects, restaurants and hotels in which a clean or decorative look and feel are sought. Are you aware that shapes and cut outs can be provided? Endura is a multi-purpose collection. Obviously, Endura also functions as a mat. Its loop pile captures dirt even more effectively and provides an excellent alternative to the more expensive entrance mat with aluminium grilles


An Endura carpet is primarily suitable for (roof) terraces, verandas, pool and jacuzzi areas, boats, saunas and is ideal for camping life. But they can also be used in pool houses, spas, solariums, fitness rooms, greenhouses, shops, hotels, restaurants, showrooms, offices, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, dressings … In other words, an Endura carpet really makes a difference in both design and use.


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